Mid-West GIS is evolving as the industry leader in Geographic Information System (GIS) Consulting, Data Conversion services and GPS Data Collection. Our team specializes in RTK data collection and can offer our clients highly accurate GIS solutions.

Our Business Partnership with ESRI (Environmental Systems Research, Inc.) allows us to offer a range of hardware and software solutions tailored to meet the needs of our clients. Mid-West GIS brings unique experience and innovation to its professional services.

Asset Management

Underground Asset Management takes the guesswork out of locating existing infrastructure. The mapping is done pre-construction where the utilities can be identified and located before they are buried, instead of post-construction where inaccurate locations can lead to further damage and massive repair costs. Learn More

Consulting & Project Management

Mid-West GIS understands that successful GIS projects require good planning, project management and experienced staff for implementation. Learn More

Electric Utility Mapping

An accurate GPS inventory of assets is the first step in creating a computer based mapping system for managing electric utilities. Learn More

GIS Data Development

The development of accurate base maps is an integral part of any GIS project. Our staff utillizes the latest ESRI software to generate the most accurate and consistent data products. Learn More

GPS Data Collection

Data collection is vital to the accuracy of any GIS project. Collecting new data and the maintenance of existing data are fundamental tasks for any organization which requires spatial data. Learn More

Parcel Mapping

Utilizing geographic information systems (GIS), the management of ownership information and spatial data is streamlined into a solution that enhances services across all departments. Learn More

Sign Inventory

Still Don’t have a Traffic Sign Inventory? Mid-West GIS can help you complete the task and still meet the Deadlines! Learn More

Software & Web Solutions

Mid-West GIS offers a variety of web based GIS solutions. Our Basic GIS Website option allows the client to have a fully functional GIS website that is developed on a Mid-West GIS server and software platform, allowing the client to avoid having to purchase those items. Learn More