“We are a medium size town with about 150 miles of road that our public works department maintains. For the past few years I have been trying to get a GPS sign inventory into the budget but it kept getting cut for other projects. Finally this year our budget was approved and we immediately hired Mid-West GIS to do the project. We literally could not find many other contractors with any experience in this specialized type of work, so the choice to hire them was simple.

Within a month Mid-West GIS had its crew on site collecting data. And when they collect data it is impressive. They worked 7 days a week during about every single hour the sun was up, and it was great to see them utilize Sundays to collect the busy roads to minimize impeding traffic. One rain day was their only interruption. It took them under a month to collect, quality control, and deliver the data. We already use ArcGIS, so their geo-database model imported right into our existing system.

With over 10,200 signs now collected in our inventory we are able to reliably pull information out of the data. I personally couldn’t believe how many engineering grade and poor quality signs we still had on our roads. Now we know and have a tool and a plan to upgrade these signs and do a better job of keeping our roads safe.

Thanks again Shane and Mid-West GIS for your professionalism, and the quality of work you provided our municipality.” -Terrance B.

“I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your services in the collection of our street sign inventory. I was skeptical that you could meet the time frame that you set to collect all our signs town-wide. But to my dismay, you were right on target. Your aggressiveness in getting the work (collection) done but with the attention to detail made for a great finished product. I have yet to find a report that I cannot produce to get the answers I am looking for. Our police department uses the program for incident investigations as well as determining locations where signs, such as speed limits, were never installed are warranted.

We couldn’t have developed a program such as the one you delivered using our in-house staff, we tried. It was too time consuming.

Again, we thank you for your willingness to work with us, customize what we wanted, collect, analyze and test the data which allowed us to get to work the day we received the finished product. I am so glad we made this decision!!!” -Scott Y.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Shane and his team at Midwest GIS on a large scale mapping project for Public Safety. Not only did they deliver high quality GIS data and services, but the team was very effective at understanding the specific needs of the project and meeting goals for both budget and timeliness. Their many years of direct experience and keen understanding of the challenges that come with leveraging GIS-based data helped guide the process and ensure that the data was reliable and put to good use. If you are contemplating any type of GIS project, I recommend that you reach out to Shane and avail yourself of his in-depth knowledge and experience to reach your goals! I can’t wait for the next opportunity to work with the Midwest GIS team!” -Colleen D.

“Mid-West GIS was contracted to conduct a city wide sign inventory in winter 2014. The crews worked efficiently to complete the job in a timely manner and ahead of schedule. They were also very thorough and consistent in the data collected for each asset. During the inventory Shane and Joe kept in frequent contact to assure we knew the status of the project. Their many years of experience is evident in the product they provide. I would use them again for any future GIS or data collection projects and would highly recommend them to anyone.” -Joe K.

“We came to Midwest GIS with a project of a national scope. Their capability to meet our needs was spot on. The project requires creating 9-1-1 maps, MSAG, and addressing data for an industrial customer where many roads may not have names. We were able to develop a standard that will provide repeatable processes and dependable results across the country. They know their stuff.” -Jerry E.

“Shane and the team at Midwest GIS do an outstanding job. They are responsive, accurate, and attentive to their clients’ needs. I highly recommend them!” -Neal C.

“If you want something done right and to fit your needs not what a “cookie cutter” company would do you need to go with Midwest GIS Inc. In every project that I have been privileged to work with them and in talking with clients during and after the project was completed, Midwest GIS Inc. continually went above and beyond what was expected of them. I give them the well deserved highest rating. I know that you will too!” -Mark D.

“Mid-West GIS’s high accuracy data acquisition really makes you confident that the data you are getting back is top notch.” -Mike O.