Asset Management

Mid-West GIS creates a highly accurate mapping system for the entire development using sub centimeter accurate GPS equipment to locate all underground assets. This includes not only the geographic latitude / longitude location, but the depth of the asset as well. 

  1. Locate Underground Infrastructure
  2. GPS Data collection (Pre Construction)

Underground Asset Management takes the guesswork out of locating existing infrastructure. The mapping is done pre-construction where the utilities can be identified and located before they are buried, instead of post-construction where inaccurate locations can lead to further damage and massive repair costs.

Sub centimeter accurate GPS equipment is used during the construction phase to
locate all underground utilities before they are buried, creating a highly accurate
map to be used for future repairs and development

Locating these assets post-construction becomes simple, yet very accurate. Taking the guesswork out of locating underground utilities can save in excess of $100,000 in a short period of time by quickly locating the correct asset without causing further damage to other existing underground utilities. Repairs and future construction become more efficient, saving both time and money.