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Electric Utility MappingAn accurate GPS inventory of assets is the first step in creating a computer based mapping system for managing electric utilities. Mid-West GIS has a proven track record for being one of the top firms in the nation in the collection of not only electric distribution systems, but any field inventory type data collection. The ability to collect field data in a timely and cost effective manner, and at the same time holding to our standards for collecting highly accurate data, has proven to be key in maintaining an excellent reputation in the GIS industry.

The use of GPS technology to acquire geographic coordinates, coupled with the ability to capture attributes, can benefit an organization’s spatial data needs. Whether the need is building a database from inception or updating an existing database, GPS data collection provides the accuracy and reliability needed for your GIS project. Mid-West GIS uses the most accurate GPS data collection techniques available. With the ability to collect Sub-Centimeter accurate GPS data, this gives the best positional accuracy possible to base the rest of the system on.

Electric distribution systems can be the most complex types of systems to collect. Having the experience necessary to collect this type system is very important. With multiple layers, and an extensive database, Mid-West GIS experience with complex data models is a benefit to our clients.

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Electric Utility Mapping