Traffic Sign Inventory

Street Sign Inventory & Data Collection

Still Don’t have a Traffic Sign Inventory? Mid-West GIS can help you complete the task and still meet the Deadlines! Federal Highway Safety Administration deadlines are extremely crucial to ensure you are still eligible for federal funding, so being compliant is crucial!

Mid-West GIS has completed over 500 Traffic Sign Inventories across the nation. Our Technicians have the experience necessary to complete an accurate and comprehensive Traffic Sign Inventory, while keeping our costs affordable. With thousands of sign and sheeting material possibilities, don’t leave the liability and responsibility of collecting this valuable data to inexperienced individuals….go with a company that has been doing this for many years, and will continue on with this type of data collection in the future.

Traffic Sign GPS Data Collection

Street Sign Inventory & Data CollectionMid-West GIS DOES NOT collect signs from a moving vehicle. This approach has been frowned on by FWHA officials as well as many clients who have chosen this route, as the positional accuracy is reduced with a moving vehicle, the quality of the photos have reduced clarity, collecting sheeting material type and quality have a tendency to be inaccurate, and the measurement of the sign face is not accurate. Therefore, Mid-West GIS takes the approach that the GIS/GPS Technician physically stands in front of each sign to collect the GPS point, document the attributes, measure the sign with a tape measure, and collect the digital photography. This process is much more accurate and reliable, ensuring the data being delivered meets and exceeds not only the needs of the client, but those of the FHWA as well.

Below are FHWA deadlines that need to be met:

⦁ January 2012 (PASSED) – Must have a maintenance tool – inventory in place.
⦁ January 2015 (PASSED) – Regulatory and Warning signs must meet retroreflectivity requirements.
⦁ January 2018 (PASSED) – Overhead and Guide signs must meet retroreflectivity requirements.

These deadlines are quickly approaching, or passed. Our Sign Inventory program will make you completely compliant with the maintenance tool mandate, and give you the tools you need to meet the next to as well. Don’t wait until the last minute, or miss the deadline. Mid-West GIS can complete your Traffic Sign Inventory in a timely and cost effective manner. Call today for a live online demo of this service.

For more information on how to meet the Highway Safety Administration standards please read their brochure.

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