Parcel Mapping

Parcel mapping is the key component and foundation for any GIS Project, and one of the first data layers normally developed. Parcels are an ever changing data layer due to development, property sales, and changes in the assessed value of each property. The effective conversion of historical paper. mylar maps, and CAD data into the GIS environment is vital in creating an accurate and up-to-date parcel data layer. Utilizing geographic information systems (GIS), the management of ownership information and spatial data is streamlined into a solution that enhances services across all departments. Our parcel mapping experience allows us to ensure a quality product and deliver accurate parcel databases to our clients.

Parcel MappingSome of the many uses for parcel mapping:

  • Property Assessment and Taxing
  • Land Use
  • Zoning
  • Planning & Development
  • Utility Services
  • Engineering
  • Transportation Planning and Right of Way
  • Land Surveying & Engineering

Once the parcel layer has been developed it moves into maintenance mode, where daily changes in property boundaries and ownership information must be updated. Mid-West GIS provides parcel maintenance services, where team can support parcel mapping projects as well as large enterprise databases that require scalability and frequent updates. Maintenance can be done remotely by our staff in a much more cost effective manner than performing them in-house.