GIS Data Development

The development of accurate base maps is an integral part of any GIS project. Our staff utilizes the latest ESRI software to generate the most accurate and consistent data products. Our years of experience in data development and our sensitivity to customer needs assure the highest standards in data development.

Mid-West GIS also offers GPS data collection services to ensure the quality and accuracy of the source data.

Previous GIS Development Projects Include:

  • Street Centerlines
  • Address Points / Addressed Structures
  • Street Sign Inventories
  • Water & Wastewater Mapping
  • Jurisdictional boundaries (city, county, police beats, response zones)
  • Water features such as lakes, streams and rivers
  • Mile markers
  • Fire Hydrants
  • Driveways
  • Railroads
  • Township, Section and Range boundaries

GIS Data Maintenance

GIS data maintenance is the key component to any GIS project. Our team can assist you with routine data maintenance or provide occasional GIS support. Mid-West GIS clients have the benefit of regular updates performed by our experienced and professional GIS team.

Increased Data Accuracy
Increasing data accuracy involves the correction of existing data, addition of any missing data and the real-time capturing of any data discrepancies. This process eliminates the errors in your GIS data and ensures the effectiveness of data published outside your office.

Reduced Costs & Overhead
GIS Data is maintained by a team of experts which saves your office time and money by not hiring additional staff. Updates are scheduled and the frequency of GIS updates are determined by the needs of each client.

Standardized QA/QC Methodology
Mid-West GIS employs a standardized QA/QC methodology that specifically targets each step in the production process and drastically reduces topological and human errors.

Data Ownership
All GIS Data is owned by the client.