GIS Consulting & Project Management

Mid-West GIS understands that successful GIS projects require good planning, project management and experienced staff for implementation. Our experienced consultants follow a formal design process to identify the end-user’s requirements. They compare the value of alternative options, define the detailed specifications of the database, and set up quality control procedures to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our GIS Consulting services!

GIS Consulting & Project ManagementGIS Project Management

Having a GIS Manager, or Project Manager is vital to the growth of a GIS system. That one person to keep the project moving in the right direction, promote partners in the project, and coordinate efforts. Early on in the development stages there may not be enough work to justify a full time position. Mid-West GIS can provide one of our Project Managers to fill this need on a part time basis. Having an experienced GIS Manager available, on call, when needed can prove to be extremely valuable. Mid-West GIS can provide a combination of on-site and off-site personnel to assist with this much needed staffing.

GIS Needs Assessment & Implementation Planning

A successful GIS start off with an implementation plan. This is a multi-year plan, including a budget, that allows for the development of a full scale GIS system from the design to the deployment. Mid-West GIS would analyze not only existing data, but also staff, hardware, and software in use. All potential users of the system are interviewed to see how they are leveraging GIS, and what they are trying to accomplish. Mid-West GIS will look at the computers they are using, the software, and even peripheral devices such as printers and scanners. Once having analyzed all of the relevant data, Mid-West GIS will create a report that details the GIS system and its uses, identifies what is lacking or inefficient, and create a report on how to resolve any issues and make the system much more efficient. Mid-West GIS will also recommend data layers that could be created to increase the value of the system, any hardware or software upgrades, and even into some options for training staff to better utilize the system. A yearly breakdown of tasks to be completed, as well as the associated costs for budgetary purposes is created. Normally this plan will encompass a five year period of development, with the sixth year migrating into the maintenance phase of the system.

Data Migration Planning

Many GIS systems include data that had previously been developed in an environment other than GIS. This includes data from CAD systems, database systems, and even non-digital data such as paper maps and index cards. This data is often vital to the system and needs to be converted into the GIS environment to retain this information for use in the new GIS system. Mid-West GIS has developed in-house procedures for the conversion of these historic data sets so that data is not lost, but is transferred into the GIS system where it can be accessed in more efficient ways.

Database Modeling

GIS systems are often very unique to the client, therefore, Mid-West GIS models each individual GIS database to meet the exact needs of that client. This often includes field creation or manipulation, connections to other layers and external databases, creation of map documents, and other related tasks. It is very important that each client have the ability to use the GIS system to its fullest extent, and this starts with the development of the database model.

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