Mason County Sign Inventory

The Mason County Sign Inventory project is a cooperative effort between Mid-West GIS, Inc., Mason County Highway Department, the Illinois Department of Transportation, and eight of the nine cities and villages inside of Mason County, IL.

The project includes collecting GPS data and attribute information for all regulatory signs inside of Mason County. This information includes attributes such as location, type, condition, reflectivity, and other attributes. This inventory will then be converted into a report for the Illinois Department of Transportation, who will then evaluate the signs in Mason County.

Once the evaluation is complete, the Illinois Department of Transportation will provide new signs, poles, and hardware for all regulatory signs that are not up to code. The inventory located over 3,500 signs that need to be replaced at a cost of over $270,000. This project will save the county an estimated $225,000.

Contact Information:
Mike Pedigo, County Engineer
Mason County Highway Department